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Privacy & Liability Statement

Private information that you provide to My-Mate is NEVER revealed to parties outside of My-Mate, its employees or consultants. Your information is NEVER sold to third parties. Your email address is ONLY included by us on email you send with the My-Mate Email Service or generated by My-Mate for notification purposes that is directed to YOUR email address specified on this form. By submitting this form you affirm that the email address you provide here is YOUR OWN PERSONAL email address.

It is your own responsibility to share or not to share personal information with others you may meet through My-Mate as YOU see fit. However, My-Mate always protects private information and keeps it in the strictest confidence.

Information identified as "public information" on this form is shown to other members who become your matches or favorites. However, other than "sex", each item has a "N/A" choice. Selecting this -- or leaving an entry blank -- will NOT SHOW this particular item on your profile. You are encouraged to provide as MUCH information as you feel comfortable telling others.

You may use the link(s) provided on My-Mate to return to this form and edit all public information (except sex) at any time.

NONE of the information in this form is used in our matching algorithms. They are exclusively based you answers to questions, some of which cover similar items as presented here. The purpose of this form is to register you and to provide basic information that appears on your profile.

By sumbitting this Registration Form you agree to hold harmless for any actions that may result from your use of this service, including but not limited to harassment, stalking, obscene emails or pictures, copying of your information or photographs, or any other information which you provide herewith or in your correspondence with members of My-Mate.

You furthermore acknowledge that My-Mate is only a matching service and you accept whatever suggested matches are generated by our algorithms, programs, and systems as being our best effort to match personal profiles but with no guarantee of suitability of such matches in any manner or form.

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